Monday, November 3, 2008

Social Networking

Conferences are a great opportunity to engage in face-to-face networking with new and old friends that share interests. I'm excited about being able to continue to network with colleagues using Web 2.0 tools -- that is what they're designed for!

Tonight Leigh Zeitz and I had dinner with a new friend, Clif Mims (U of Memphis ). Cliff is also a Web2.0 guru and teaches Educational Media for pre-service teachers. Clif is hoping to do some live blogging during sessions here is a link to access Clif's blogsite

It's a small world after all applies to our dinner conversation. Not only to do we have similar interests in technology applications we also had a interesting conversation about St. Jude's in Memphis. I told Clif about my experience visiting St. Jude's when my young cousin Liam was receiving treatment for a rare blood cancer. Clif indicated that his congregation serves meals at Target house on a regular basis and then asked what color hair my young cousin's Mom had? I replied that Gina has brown hair. Clif knows Liam and Gina!! who would have thought!!!

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Never at a loss for words or fun, Leigh attempts to wrestle with a Florida gator at the Outback resturant in the hotel complex!

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