Saturday, October 27, 2007

Promoting Web2.0 tools in your email signature

Catching up on some of my blog reading. I am overwhelmed by the number of postings that are generated by the Mashable site and many I don't take time to read, but this one caught my eye -- adding Web2.0 tools to your email signature file as a means of promoting your Web2.0 activities. This is a gadget from Yahoo that you can add to all your outgoing email signatures to promote your blog.

Take a look at this posting from Mashable which has the information to add the tools to your email signature

still the digital immigrant ... Lois

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On-Line Learning Experience

Last week I participated in an on-line learning conference sponsored by Jossey Bass and the Learning Times Network. See The conference was conducted using Adobe's newest conferencing software which worked beautifully!

There were numerous synchronous sessions complete with audio, presentations slides, and an active chat dialogue that allowed participants from around the world to interact with one another as well as the conference presenters. For three days there were sessions that ranged from "Making the Transition" to teaching and learning in an online environment, to "Skype for Educators" to an online happy hour. It was mind-numbing with the various interactions taking place. Our own Dr. Donaldson was one of the session presenters with her co-author, Rita Conrad. Their presentation dealt with the topic of their book -- "Engaging the On-line Learner."

For those sessions that I was unable to be present for, the recording of the session is available to registered participants (yes, there was a registration fee to participate) and now it is interesting to watch the conversations unfold in the discussion forums that will remain active for a period of time following the conference. See for an outline of the conference. While the audio was intentionally set for one-way transmission, it is possible to use two-way in the Adobe software.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this type of conference was the diverse group of participants -- and I'm especially taken with the dedication show by some of my colleagues in New Zealand and Australia that were up in the middle of the night to participate in the synchronous parts of the conference.

It will be interesting to watch how this software capability will change the way in which professional development is delivered in the corporate training environment. See for more information about the Adobe Connect product.
Still the digital immigrant....Lois
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