Monday, November 5, 2007

E-book Examples, Collaborative Publishing

In our Emerging Instructional Technologies class last week, we discussed the idea of publishing our group projects as an e-book. Part of our challenge was to locate e-books that relate to our own interests with respect to applying emerging technologies.

In browsing the AECT website for information on the newest book that defines the field, I ran across an entry for an e-book that is published through Creative Commons by graduate students in Michael Orey's classes at the University of Georgia.

The book is entitled Emerging Perspectives on Teaching, Learning, and Technology. To read more about this e-book go to

To learn more about Creative Commons, go to With this example intellectual property rights are maintained whereas some sites are completely open for editing and additional contributions -- see this example from Wikibooks at and one of the examples that I located is on Instructional Technology

I must admit that I am more comfortable with the first example than the second one -- perhaps that is a reflection of my status as a digital immigrant?

...still the digital immigrant....Lois

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Dr. Z said...

These are some good examples. They will be good models for our Wikibook.