Monday, September 24, 2007

Better Blogging

As part of our Emerging Instructional Technology class each of us is responsible for posting regularly to our individual blogs as well as finding blogs in our own areas of interest to follow. For example, Patricia noted in her blog that she had finally found a math blog to follow, Sarah D has found a blog to follow that relates to corporate training, and Steve is following a rapid e-learning blog. So what makes for effective blogging? Obviously reading other blogs is one way.

Recently I ran across this posting from Sue Waters , who details a project called 31 days to better blogging which can be found at which has a daily task aimed at taking the newbie blogger to an accomplished blogger.

The leader of this project, Darren Rowse is the force behind the problogger website and also has a video blog that he posts to weekly. Take a look at his suggestions for ways of improving the blog experience at

Thought everyone would enjoy reading more about these tasks and challenges....still the digital immigrant...Lois

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