Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1:1 and Technology Integration

WOW - in reflecting on the two podcasts and the web resources on 1:1 initatives -- I clearly feel overwhelmed and very much an digital immigrant! I was interested in following up on the notion of levels of technology integration in the Maine program.

I was surprised how much I found and in particular liked the materials from Flordia which can be found at http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/index.html, and New Hampshires at http://technology.sau16.k12.nh.us/techplan/contents/AppDInteg.htm and then this article by Moersch and what has become known as LoTi at http://www.learning-quest.com/software/GET_Admin_Inst/LoTiFrameworkNov95.pdf

I'll come back and expand on this topic ...

Monday, 9/18/07:
Part Two: I've a chance to digest the materials identified above and think about the implications this approach has with respect to the 1:1 initiative. For purposes of discussion I'm using Moersch's LoTi (levels of technology implementation) as an outline. The Maine program discussed the importance of building higher order thinking skills with respect to the infusion of computers in the 1:1 initiative in the schools. Going back to Bloom's taxonomy higher order thinking skills are at the top of the pyramid and include analysis, synthesis and evaluation as illustrated in this picture:

So how does the LoTi framework mesh with this? The top 3 levels of the LoTi framework are integration, expansion and refinement. Moersch defines refinement -- the highest level in the framework this way: "Technology is perceived as a process, product, and tool to help students solve authentic problems related to an identified real-world problem or issue. Technology in this context , provides a seamless medium for information queries, problem solving, and/or product development. Students have ready access to and a complete understanding of a vast array of technology-based tools." I would encourage you to read the Moersch's article and think about the this top level in the framework as a goal for evaluating emerging instructional technologies....let me know what you think....Lois

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Dr. Z said...

I like how you revisited your ideas on technology integration. You cited Bloom's Taxonomy. Did you know that it has been updated? Creativity is on the top. Interestingly, the NETS-S standards have Creativity on top too.